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Medical Weight

Loss Program

Medical Weight-Loss Program

3D Fat Loss provides a proven medical weight-loss program for you. We offer a complete program including coaching support, supplements & more. Our professional staff are here to help you start your weight-loss journey. Call to Schedule or Request an Appointment Online.

Medical Weight-Loss Program at 3D Fat Loss Center in Glastonbury, CT

Welcome to 3D Fat Loss! With us, you’ll find that we understand that losing weight isn’t always as easy as people would like it to be. There could be different factors involved in your weight gain, like genetics. This is why it’s important to have a weight-loss program that’s actually tailored for you and your needs, and this is what we provide here at 3D Fat Loss. The plan we’ll put together for you will give you the results you want, and the advice we’ll offer will last you a lifetime. For an effective medical weight-loss program, get in touch with us today.

There is a significant difference between weight loss and fat loss…when undertaking a program to achieve your goals you must realize that weight loss can mean a loss of both fat and lean (muscle) tissue; the usual calorie-restricted plan statistically results in a loss of about a pound of lean tissue for each pound of fat lost, about a 1:1 ratio. This is not acceptable! Getting your metabolism transitioned into the fat-burning state is the key here, and with the 3D Fat Loss Program’s proprietary supplements, along with quantity, types, and timing of food ingestion, we characteristically achieve about 80% of weight lost as fat, while only 20% is lost as lean tissue – not perfect, but a vast improvement over the norm…and with the DNA mediated exercise program we build for you, that bit of muscle tissue will be rebuilt and restored in no time, which will continue to help burn calories 24/7.

Choose a program which not only helps you lose weight, but keeps your body composition optimal while doing so.”

Are medical weight-loss programs effective?

Yes, they are. Research shows that supervised weight-loss programs are considerably more effective than solo weight-loss programs. And with 3D Fat Loss, you’re getting a medically supervised program tailored for you and monitored by actual medical professionals.

Medical weight-loss programs are effective because they actually address the many different and difficult-to-see factors involved in your weight gain. This makes for a truly comprehensive weight-loss program, especially with us here at 3D Fat Loss.

We have a very effective program that’s actually a genetics-based fat-loss program! It is DNA- and data-driven, taking into account the genetics of our patients and helping them monitor their progress.

What is the Complete 3D Fat Loss Program?

Our weight-loss program is a comprehensive system of methods to address the biggest weight-management and wellness challenges the modern world faces. We use cutting-edge technologies and DNA analysis in a weight-loss plan for your specific body type and body chemistry. We also provide you with additional support as part of a comprehensive, complete weight-loss program. You’ll receive a genetic report, support supplements and materials, and personal coaching from professional fat-loss experts. Here’s everything you’ll get with us:

  • A DNA test kit and genetic report
  • Premium Pink Salt and a bunch of amazing supplements including Detox, Weight Management, and B-Boost Brain Octane Oil supplements
  • Our Body Composition Analyzer
  • Your personal journal, a water bottle, and comprehensive information sheets
  • Total access to all of our instructional videos
  • An initial in-person or video consultation with your own personal health coach
  • Effective diet and exercise strategies
  • Real-time access (via videoconference or phone) to your health coach for questions, concerns, and continual support
  • Continual access to all of our clinical staff and other 3D Fat Loss clients
  • Daily progress oversight and monitoring, and ongoing oversight and monitoring after you’ve reached your goals, locking in the long-term health benefits and helping you keep the weight off!

All of that makes up our Complete 3D Fat Loss Program—a genetics-based fat-loss program tailored to your genotype!

What are the steps involved in the program?

The 3D Fat Loss Program is quite simple and easy to begin! There are just 5 steps involved and we’ll guide you through all of them.

The first step is to weigh yourself daily, first thing each morning. This will provide you with consistent data you can use to monitor your progress.

The second step is to transmit your data, including your weight. This will help us keep track of and support your progress.

The next step is to follow the meal and exercise plans that we suggest for you. We can even provide you with our own nutritious, delicious, low-cost meals.

The fourth step is to take your supplements. These supplements are clinically designed to support the weight-loss process, and they’ll also help you keep your food cravings down and energy levels up!

Step five is to keep a daily journal, which we’ll provide you with in your program kit. This journal will help you keep track of your activities, meals, exercise, supplementation, and progress.

Where do you provide your medical weight-loss program?

if our program sounds like a plan to you, then reach out to us here at 3D Fat Loss today. We can get you set up with the full program or any component of it. Give us a call today. We’re happy to answer any of your questions or have you in for a consultation. The program is also available 100% online as well!

We look forward to hearing from you soon at 3D Fat Loss!

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