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Weight-Loss Doctor in Plano, TX

Weight-Loss Doctor in Plano, TX

When You are Struggling with Losing Weight You Need a Proven Program to Help. At Optimal Wellness in Plano TX, We Offer the 3D Fat Loss Program. DNA Driven with Accountability and Coaching Options, Call Us or Visit Us Online Today to Find Out How Start Your Weight Loss Journey Path.

Weight-Loss Doctor in Plano, TX

Been struggling on your own to lose weight? Maybe what you need is a weight-loss doctor to help. In fact, it’s been proven that assisted, supervised weight loss is more effective than unassisted, solo weight loss. With 3D Fat Loss, you’ll have a weight-loss doctor to help you, supporting you in so many ways throughout the entire weight-loss process. And to make things even easier for you, you can do it all from home with digital guidance! If all that sounds like it could work for you, then reach out to us at 3D Fat Loss for a weight-loss doctor in Plano, TX.

How can a weight-loss doctor help me?

Two of the big reasons weight loss fails are: people do weight loss alone, and people don’t have a proper plan for weight loss. A weight-loss doctor will help with both of these things and more. It is indeed true that medically supervised weight loss is more effective than solo weight loss, and this is because a doctor can help a patient understand and address the factors involved in both weight gain and weight loss. For example, a patient might be struggling with weight gain and losing weight because of psychological issues like depression or bad habits like sitting at a desk for too long.

Once a doctor understands the factors involved in a patient’s situation, he or she can put together a weight-loss plan that takes each and every factor into account. This makes for a truly comprehensive plan that includes:

  • The many proven methods for weight loss, such as diet and exercise
  • Accommodations for any conditions the patient has, such as arthritis
  • Lifestyle accommodations
  • Ways of managing or treating the issues contributing to weight gain and complicating weight loss
  • Support and medical supervision along the way

Here at 3D Fat Loss, we actually take a look at your genetics and consider this a significant factor in weight gain and weight loss. You can be sure your weight-loss plan will be tailored toward your needs on a cellular level!

How will a weight-loss doctor assist with my weight loss?

At 3D Fat Loss, you’ll get a truly comprehensive weight-loss plan and the ongoing assistance of a weight-loss doctor. You’ll get a lot more than just the basics, though! Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get with us:

  • Your own personal weight-loss doctor and coach who you can speak with in real-time
  • A personal journal for you to track your progress in
  • Weight-loss supplements such as our Weight Management, Detox, and B-Boost Brain Octane Oil supplements
  • Full access to all of our many educational and instructional videos
  • A genetic report with insight into your body weight issue
  • A full exercise and meal plan
  • 3D Fat Loss’ premade meals, if you like
  • And more

Our approach to weight loss is holistic, medically sound, and medically supervised. It’s also very effective for our patients, so you can be as confident as we are that it will work for you too! And it won’t just work for you in the short term, it will work for you as long as you need it to, helping you keep the weight off indefinitely!

Do you have a weight-loss doctor in Plano, TX?

Yes! 3D Fat Loss has a location in Plano at 4701 Old Shepard Place #260, Plano, TX 75093. You can speak with one of our weight-loss for your free initial consultation, your entire weight-loss program can be completed from home! You can just communicate with your coach digitally, and he or she can track your progress digitally as well. Does that sound doable to you? If so, give us a call today at (972) 299-3436 or contact us online to get started on your weight-loss journey with 3D Fat Loss!