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Supervised Weight-Loss Program

If you want a proven method for weight loss, then you need a supervised program. Here at 3D Fat Loss, we provide supervised weight-loss programs, get in touch with us today.

Supervised Weight-Loss Program

To understand weight loss, you also have to understand weight gain and how it happens in the first place. Both weight loss and the science behind weight gain are specialities of ours here at 3D Fat Loss. We understand the factors involved, including genetics, and we tailor our weight-loss programs for each individual and his or her needs. If what you want is a comprehensive supervised weight-loss program in Homestead FL, then you’ll find it here with us at 3D Fat Loss.

Do supervised weight-loss programs actually work?

Yes. In fact, they work really well, especially when compared to solo weight-loss programs or other programs that aren’t medically supervised. There has been a lot of research showing that supervised weight-loss programs are more effective, and with 3D Fat Loss, you’ll be getting a medically supervised program that’s actually suited for your specific genotype.

In supervised/medical weight-loss programs, the many factors involved in your weight issue are addressed. In addition to that, the programs incorporate many different methods for weight loss, and the whole program process is monitored by a medical professional. All of this is why supervised weight loss is so effective. However, 3D Fat Loss offers a program that could be considered a step above your typical program…

What is the 3D Fat Loss program?

The Complete 3D Fat Loss Program is actually a genetics-based fat-loss program! We use DNA analysis to learn all about your specific body type and body chemistry, then we put together a supervised weight-loss program around it. Of course, you’ll have the ongoing support of a medical and weight-loss professional, and you’ll also have a genetic report, support supplements, a full meal plan, and much more.

With the Complete 3D Fat Loss Program, you get:

  • A genetic report
  • Effective supplements including Detox, Weight Management, and B-Boost Brain Octane Oil supplements
  • A Body Composition Analyzer
  • Your own journal to track your progress
  • Full access to our many instructional videos
  • Your own personal health coach
  • An exercise plan, a meal plan, and/or premade meals
  • Real-time access to your health coach
  • Daily oversight until you reach your weight-loss goals, then ongoing oversight after
  • And much more!

What are the steps in the 3D Fat Loss program?

We’ve made our Complete 3D Fat Loss Program easy to follow with just 5 simple steps involved. These steps are to:

  • Weigh yourself daily to help you monitor your progress
  • Transmit your data to us so we can keep track of and support your progress
  • Follow your exercise and meal plans
  • Take your supplements which will support the weight-loss process and help you keep your cravings down and energy up
  • Keep track of your activities and progress in the journal we provide you with

With those 5 simple steps, the guidance of a professional, and your own willpower, you’ll be able to lose weight quickly and keep it off indefinitely! Get in touch with us today to get started right away.

Do you provide a supervised weight-loss program in Glastonbury, CT?

We do! We have a location in Glastonbury, CT we can meet you in person for a consultation. We can get you going with the whole program or any part of it. Just give us a call, and your weight-loss experience will begin. The program is also available 100% online as well!

We look forward to speaking with and seeing you soon here at 3D Fat Loss!