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Premium Supplements for 3D Fat Loss

Premium Supplements at 3D Fat Loss Center in Plano TX, Homestead FL and Coral Gables FL

At 3D Fat Loss we offer premium supplements to complement the weight loss process. 3 locations to and growing. Plano, TX, Homestead, FL and Coral Gables, FL. Call or visit us online for more information.

Premium Supplements in 3d Fat Loss Center
3D Fat Loss has developed a proprietary collection of specific supplements to complement the weight loss process:
1. Our Weight Management Formula – designed to reduce appetite naturally during the initial phases, as well as transitioning metabolism to a fat-burning state, insuring most of the weight lost is in the form of fat tissue.
2. Our Detox Formula – this homeopathic formula binds to toxins which are released as fat tissue burns at an accelerated rate, carrying them out of the body via the urinary tract. This is necessary to insure patients do not experience symptoms of toxicity, such as fatigue, headache, skin eruptions, etc.
3. Our B-Boost Formula – a natural combination of methylated vitamins and co-factors which provide additional energy and mental clarity during the phase in which calories are restricted.
These supplements are unique to the 3D Fat Loss Program, and serve as an integral facet of the program as a whole. They are all natural, contain no drugs, hormones, or stimulants, and impart no side effects nor drug interactions. 
Call or visit us online to request information about our premium Fat Loss supplements. We have 3 locations to assist you. Plano, TX, Homestead, FL and Coral Gables, FL.