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Patient Education at 3D Fat Loss Program

Genetic Data You Can Actually Use

Welcome to the 3D Fat Loss Program. Our program is guaranteed to be unlike any you’ve ever experienced before in many respects:

  1. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and DNA analysis.
  2. Our clinical staff will build and guide you through our own weight-loss program with continual access to the entire clinical staff and other 3D Fat Loss clients.
  3. Ongoing oversight and monitoring after reaching your goals locking in long-term health benefits and keeping the weight from coming back.

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Genetics-Based Fat Loss Program

How It Works

The 3D Fat Loss program is simple to implement, and works through 4 easy steps:


Weigh Yourself Daily

Weigh yourself first thing every morning so you have consistent data to monitor your progress


Transmit Your Data

As soon as you weigh yourself you can transmit your data. This allows our office to keep track of your progress and take action if you plateau in your weight loss.


Follow Your Meal Plan

Whether you are preparing nutritious meals at home or purchasing them from our full line of satisfying nutritious low cost meals, make sure you stick to the plan.


Keep A Daily Journal

It is important to keep a daily journal during the entire plan period. You will receive a journal as part of your program kit. Keep track of your activities, your food, and supplements daily.



Your program kit includes a series of supplements clinically designed to support your weight loss process. Including supplements will help with cravings, low energy, and overall well being during your weight loss journey.

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