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Our Program at 3D Fat Loss Center

3D Fat Loss provides Optimal Weight Loss with comprehensive Fat loss programs which utilizes genetic data, reporting and coaching. We are located in Glastonbury, CT. Book a consultation online or call for more information. 

Our Program at 3D Fat Loss Center in Glastonbury, CT
Our Program at 3D Fat Loss Center in Glastonbury, CT

Genetics-Based Fat Loss Programs

3D Fat Loss has developed a comprehensive system of genetics-based fat loss programs to address the most pressing weight management and wellness challenges in the world today. Using your unique DNA, fat loss programs can now be custom designed to your specific body type and body chemistry.

Complete Program – DNA Test Kit & Genetic Report & Program & Coaching

In our Complete Program you will receive the DNA test kit and genetic report, plus a complete fat loss program with support supplements and materials, plus the personal coaching support from our professional staff of fat loss experts.

3D Fat Loss provides a complete weight management program that takes your unique genetic makeup into account and provides you with diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype.

  • DNA test kit and genetic report
  • Premium Pink Salt
  • Detox Supplement
  • Weight Management Supplement
  • B-Boost Supplement
  • Brain Octane Oil Supplement
  • Body Composition Analyzer
  • Your own manual/journal, a water bottle, and additional information sheets
  • Full Access To All Instructional Videos
  • Personal Initial Consultation with your health coach
  • Video Initial Consultations
  • Ongoing personal support via videoconference or phone
  • Daily progress monitoring
  • Real-time access to your health coach for questions or concerns
  • Daily texting/monitoring