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3D Fat Loss Offers a Genetic Data Driven Program to Help Create a Weight Loss Program Combined With Daily Meetings, Weight In and Coaching With Our Experienced Staff Will Get You on Your Way to a Healthier and Happier Self in Homestead, FL. Visit Us Online or Call Us to Schedule Your Free Consultation Today!

Medical Weight Loss in Homestead, FL

Losing weight always sounds simple enough, but it never really is so simple. There are factors out of your control, like heal issues or genetics, but here at 3D Fat Loss, we can identify these factors and actually factor them into a plan for you. And as you lose weight, we’ll be there for you offering our medical and moral support. All this is what makes medical weight loss so effective! If you believe you could benefit from it, then reach out to us today for truly effective medical weight loss in Homestead, FL.

What is medical weight loss?

It’s a medically sound, medically supervised kind of weight loss that has been proven more effective than traditional, unsupervised weight loss. It’s more effective because it takes into account the many factors in weight gain and weight loss, and the weight loss is supported and monitored too, so it’s as safe and productive as possible. The patient’s dietary, medical, and lifestyle needs are considered and factored into a truly comprehensive weight-loss plan.

With 3D Fat Loss, we take medical weight loss to another level: a cellular level. We actually take into account your genetics, which allows us to tailor a meal plan and other parts of our program to your needs on a cellular level!

How does medical weight loss work?

Generally, a medical weight-loss program will include proven weight-loss methods like diet and exercise, and it’s also important to consider the patient’s body type and body chemistry. It’s just as important to monitor the patient’s results. This is what we do here at 3D Fat Loss, but we do even more than that. We also offer:

  • The ability to do your program from home
  • A free initial in-person or online consultation with a medical weight-loss coach
  • Real-time access to your coach during your program
  • A complete genetic report to help you better understand your weight issue
  • Optional supplements to support your progress, such as our Detox, Weight Management, and B-Boost Brain Octane Oil supplements
  • A personal journal to help you track your progress and results
  • Full access to our library of instructional and educational videos
  • Full exercise and diet plans to help you lose weight and keep it off indefinitely
  • Regular oversight until you reach your weight-loss goal!

What are the steps in medical weight loss?

With 5 simple steps to follow (as well as some discipline), you’ll be able to achieve significant results. And don’t worry; we’ll be here to guide you as you go. Here are the steps you’ll take during your program:

  • Weigh yourself daily so you have a good way to track your progress
  • Send us your data so we can help you track your progress and support it
  • Stick to the plan: your exercise and meals plans (or you can opt for 3D Fat Loss’ premade meals)
  • Take your supplements to keep your food cravings low and energy levels high
  • In your journal, keep track of your activities, meals, supplementation, and progress!

One of the best things about the 3D Fat Loss program is that we’ll be helping you develop habits that, if you want them to, could stick with you for the rest of your life. You’ll be able to lose the weight, keep the weight off, and live a healthy, long life. Let us help you achieve these goals!

Do you provide medical weight loss in Homestead, FL?

We do! We have a clinic in Homestead at 830 North Krome Avenue Homestead, FL 33030. You’ll be able to meet with us in person for a free initial consultation, or you can have your consultation online with us. And if you decide to proceed with our medical weight-loss program, you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of home! If all that sounds like it could work for you, then contact us today at (786) 589-6517 or online to get started on your weight-loss journey with 3D Fat Loss.