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Cholesterol Weight Loss Treatment

When you experience high cholesterol, an effective way to reduce it to healthy levels is to begin a weight loss program. 3D Fat Loss provides a full, genetics-based weight loss treatment to get you on your way to living a healthier life.

Cholesterol Weight Loss Treatment in Glastonbury, CT

Where do I need to go if I want help with losing weight?

For those who are looking to lose weight and are struggling to do so on their own through commercial or conventional means, then there are several options available. With the emergence of obesity as a widespread health issue, a variety of weight loss clinics have opened up in the past several years – which specialize in and offer a variety of supervised weight loss programs and resources to their patients.

When you meet with a weight loss specialist at one of these specialized clinics, you will undergo an evaluation to help identify the underlying causes of your obesity or weight gain, and whether you have a comorbid condition which may be compounding your issues with your weight. In addition, your specialist will ask you questions about your weight and medical history, past diet and exercise programs, and questions about your psychological history.

What is a medically supervised weight loss program?

If you are struggling with maintaining a healthy weight or losing excess weight through conventional or commercial means, then a medically supervised weight loss program can help. These medically supervised programs are designed to educate patients and equip them with the tools that they need to not only lose the weight, but also to help them maintain a healthier lifestyle and enjoy an overall improvement to their quality of life.

Medically supervised weight loss programs are overseen by a medical professional who specializes in weight loss and involve a variety of tools that may not otherwise be available to a patient. These tools may include: certain behavioral modifications and therapies; pre-packaged meal replacement and supplement plans; pharmacotherapy; and, potentially, surgical weight loss in extreme cases. These programs are unique and tailored to each individual patient and their unique needs regarding weight loss and management.

At 3D Fat Loss, we use a revolutionary DNA test to evaluate your risks and determine which options will work best for you. The test will help with informing which choices and specific regimes will work for you and give you the best possible results. Your weight loss plan that we devise will be unique to your body type and body’s natural chemistry, working with them to achieve the results you need.

How can medically supervised weight loss help me with my cholesterol?

If you are overweight or obese and suffer from high cholesterol levels, then you are at an elevated risk of developing heart disease and forming clots in your blood stream – which can travel to your lungs, heart, or brain. For those who have high cholesterol, it is usually recommended that you exercise, diet, and lose weight to bring your cholesterol levels back down to a normal, healthy level.

Weight loss can help as the blood fats – or blood lipids – within your bloodstream change. These changes can result in lowering your triglycerides and your LDL cholesterol, while also increasing you HDL cholesterol to go up; meaning that there is more of the good cholesterol in your bloodstream and less of the bad. Weight loss will lower your risks of developing heart disease or blood clots, meaning that you will enjoy a higher quality of life without needing to worry as much about potential health risks relating to your weight.

If you are looking for help losing weight in the Glastonbury, CT area, then 3D Fat Loss can help. Book your consultation with us online, via our website, or give us a call.

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