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Weight Loss Services provided 100% online. We’d love to see you for a free Initial Consultation, so to schedule one with us, call us.

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Welcome to 3D FAT LOSS

Weight Loss Services provided 100% online. We’d love to see you for a free Initial Consultation, so to schedule one with us, call us.



Medical Weight Loss Center in Glastonbury, CT

Welcome to 3D Fat Loss Center! Our weight loss center specializes in weight loss program, fat loss, healthy meal plan, supplements that will help you start your new, thinner life and more! For more information call us today or request an appointment online. We are located at 155 Sycamore Street Glastonbury, CT 06033.

Some people will go to great lengths to treat their weight issue, even opting for surgery. But time and time again, research shows us that the absolute best treatment is a natural one, especially one that’s supervised by a medical professional. This natural, hands-on approach is our specialty here at 3D Fat Loss! Read on to learn all about how you can treat excessive fat and lose a lot of weight naturally and with professional assistance.


What is the 3D Fat Loss treatment?

The 3D Fat Loss treatment is a proven, safe, and especially effective method for fat treatment and weight loss. Medical professionals will tell you that there is a lot of research showing that supervised weight loss is more effective than other methods, and they’re right. With 3D Fat Loss, we provide a medically supervised weight-loss treatment that actually takes your genetics into account too. If you are experiencing health issues such as kidney, disease, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea & pregnancy problems among others the 3D Fat Loss program can help. 

Patients who opt for the 3D Fat Loss treatment benefit in so many ways. The treatment is actually genetics-based, using DNA analysis to help our medical professionals understand your specific body type and body chemistry. With this information, we’ll put together a comprehensive fat-loss treatment that includes:

  • The continual support of a medical and weight-loss professional
  • A genetic report that provides insight into your weight issue
  • Support supplements to help you with your fat loss
  • An exercise plan, a meal plan, and/or premade meals
  • Access to many useful instructional videos
  • And more

What is involved in 3D Fat Loss treatment?

With 3D Fat Loss, we’ll be taking care of a lot of the work for you, but you’ll be able to take care of yourself with the assistance of your personal medical and weight-loss professional. You’ll be:

  • Weighing yourself at the start of each day to help you monitor your progress
  • Sending us your data so we can monitor your progress too and support you when you need it
  • Sticking to the plan: your exercise and meal plans
  • Taking the supplements that will support your weight loss by keeping your energy levels high and your food cravings low
  • Keeping track of your activities and your progress as you go!

Why is 3D Fat Loss better than other methods?

Other methods, like liposuction, have significant health risks, and methods like unassisted weight-loss programs aren’t supervised and supported by a healthcare professional. Also, these methods don’t address all of the factors involved in weight issues, such as genetics, and they don’t factor in the many different approaches to weight loss. Finally, those other methods won’t necessarily help you keep the weight off. With 3D Fat Loss, however, you’re getting a medically sound and proven method for fat loss and weight management.

Do You Provide 3D Fat Loss Treatment Near Me?

Although our 3D Fat Loss location is headquartered in Glastonbury, all our services are currently 100% online. We’d love to see you for a free initial consultation, so to schedule one with us, call us.

Remember, there is no magic fat-loss treatment, but with 3D Fat Loss, you’ll be getting a treatment method that actually works, not just for a while, but for the rest of your life! Get in touch with us today!

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